A quick recap

If you've been here from the start, you'll remember that Blockstudio (BS) originally started out as a framework for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). At the time, ACF was the only real way to create new blocks using PHP. We took notice of that feature and BS 1.0 was introduced to ease and regulate the development of custom blocks. Not long after, support for Metabox (MB) was added.

With Version 2.4.0 of BS, Native Blocks were introduced, marking the beginning of creating custom blocks including fields without the need for an additional plugin like ACF or BS. You might be seeing where this is going..

Focus on standalone

Blockstudio will focus on being a standalone plugin in the future.

Important: Your current ACF and MB blocks will continue to function. Version 3.0 is not removing support for your existing blocks. In fact, all of the features that were introduced in the new version are available for Native, ACF and MB Blocks.

3.0 is a change of direction for the plugin, internally and externally. For the latter, all plugin references have been removed from the homepage and work on features that will only be available for Native Blocks (shared block libraries across sites etc.) has been started.


User expectations

With ACF and MB bringing their own nuances to Blocks, it was always hard to keep complete feature parity between those solutions. Add Native Blocks to the mix and things get even more complicated regarding documentation, user expectations and marketing. On top of that, many support requests from users were traditionally pointing out limitations that originated from either misunderstanding the feature set of ACF/MB or bugs in those solutions which were seperate from Blockstudio.

Feature fragmentation

It is becoming increasingly difficult to support all plugins equally due to either their own limitations or the fact that it simply isn't possible to cater for all at the same time. One good example is the addition of a block library. It has been on the top of the list for so long, but supporting three different implemtations is simply not feasible. With the focus on Blockstudio as a standalone plugin, all those stashed away features can finally become a reality.

ACF 6.0

If you read this far you might be wondering if Blockstudio is supporting the new generation of ACF Blocks that was introduced in 6.0.. the answer is no.

Adding yet another implemtation which also differs from how ACF blocks worked in the plugin previously would confuse new users and fragment Blockstudio even more than it already has.

Rolling your own solution

If you don't want to give up the file-system approach, but still want to use ACF 6.0, you could use a custom solution to automtically register blocks like so:

$path = get_template_directory() . '/blocks'; $rdi = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator( $path, FilesystemIterator::KEY_AS_PATHNAME ); foreach ( new RecursiveIteratorIterator( $rdi, RecursiveIteratorIterator::SELF_FIRST ) as $file => $info ) { if ( str_ends_with( $file, 'block.json' ) ) { register_block_type( $file ); } }

The code above will recurisvely loop through all subfolders and files in a given directory and register all block.json files as blocks.