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A built-in code editor that doesn't suck.

Edit blocks from the comfort of your WordPress admin dashboard. With the power of live previews, breakpoints, Prettier formating and powerful autocompletion, creating custom blocks has never been easier.

99 € lifetime license for unlimited sites

blockstudio editor


All the tools for productive development. In your browser.

File browser

Swap between your Blockstudio library with an always available file-system like browser.

Live preview

Changes made to files are immediately visible in the preview section of the editor.


Blockstudio will report any PHP errors in your template files and prevent accidental saving.

Prettier formatting

CSS and JavaScript files are automatically formatted using the popular Prettier code formatter.


On top of Monacos autocompletion, Blockstudio also knows all available PHP functions of the current WordPress environment.

Preview breakpoints

Quickly preview the current block at different screen sizes without ever leaving the editor.

Import NPM modules

Import any NPM module and use it in your .js files. Blockstudio will download all necessary files to your block folder and rewrite all imports.

Change code theme

Adjust the code editor theme to your liking. Blockstudio comes with a few over 30 different code editor themes to choose from

The Blockstudio editor is built on top of Monaco, the underlying code editor that powers VS Code.


Buy once, use forever.

Unlimited sites Lifetime updates Product support (via E-Mail) Access to private Discord (soon) Discounts for future products

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