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Custom fields that make your life easy.

Edit content like a pro with custom fields built right into Blockstudio. Use powerful features like content populating to unlock your dream workflow.

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Create customised
block UIs with ease.

Blockstudio provides you with all the necessary tools to create powerful fieldsets for your blocks. Group fields, set conditions, disable fields and populate options using capable filters.


    "name": "marketing/cta",
    "title": "CTA",
    "description": "Custom Call to Action block.",
    "blockstudio": {
      "attributes": [
          "id": "title",
          "type": "text",
          "label": "Text"
          "id": "buttonToggle",
          "type": "toggle",
          "label": "Add Button?"
          "id": "button",
          "type": "link",
          "label": "Button",
          "conditions": [
                "id": "buttonToggle",
                "operator": "==",
                "value": true


All field related features at a glance.

Conditional logic

Show fields based on values of other fields or global conditions like post type.


Temporarily disable fields for blocks while keeping their values saved to the post.


Query data from posts, users or terms or custom functions directly from JSON with ease.


Easily filter block attributes when rendering them in the frontend or during insertion.


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