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Since version 3.1.0, Blockstudio includes a library of prebuilt elements. Of course, these elements are making use of all the features that are available to Blockstudio users. In fact, the library is actively being used to dogfood our own product, helping us fast-track development and ensure a good developer experience for everyone.

The library is a first step in making Blockstudio more available as a general collection of ready-to-use blocks for non developers, all the while being built with the most advanced block framework for WordPress. More blocks are actively being developed!


To activate the library on your site, use the following settings/library setting.


  "library": true


              add_filter('blockstudio/settings/library', function() {
    return true;


There are currently 5 blocks available in the library.


  • blockstudio-element/code Highlight text like in a code editor.
  • blockstudio-element/icon Display an icon.
  • blockstudio-element/gallery Arrange images in a gallery layout.
  • blockstudio-element/image-comparison Compare two images (e.g. before/after) using a slider.
  • blockstudio-element/slider Display a carousel of images.